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Our work with many of the leading programs in college success, first-year programs, first-year writing, English composition, speech and communication, etc., makes us uniquely suited to provide you with all of the Custom Publishing and Custom Digital tools you need to engage your students.

Whether it’s an English course guide, a college success text, a humanities reader, a communication workbook, or even a digital course, authoring your own content is the best way to deliver exactly what your students need.

Are Hayden-McNeil's Services Right For You?

  • Do you want to author your own course guide?
  • Do you have handouts and PDFs of course materials that you’re not sure how to organize?
  • Are you tired of students paying for content they don’t need?
  • Are you interested in building a digital solution for your course that’s customized to your students’ needs?

Our Custom Solutions:

  • Provide students exactly what they need and what you as the instructor want to convey
  • Reduce student costs
  • Aid in student retention
  • Can help support your program through royalties

Author Benefits, Services, and Tools

Click any of the links below to learn about our support services and tools for liberal arts and humanities authors.

Custom Digital 
Our suite of Custom Digital services enable you to create interactive, easily accessible educational materials.

Managing Editor 
Learn more about our managing editors, one of whom will act as your point person throughout the entire process.

Author Website
Your personal author website will allow you to manage the entire publishing process from start to finish.

Editorial Services
Our many editorial services ensure accuracy, quality, and legal compliance.

Content Collection
Our searchable online Content Collection contains thousands of illustrations and photographs, as well as content-ready chapters, labs, and e-learning tools for your use.

Our professional team of in-house designers provides a wide array of premium creative services.