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Are you looking for new and effective ways to incorporate digital technology into your course? Hayden-McNeil Custom Digital has you covered. We’ll consult with you to explore your course needs and objectives, then create a customized digital solution (compatible with your Learning Management System) specific to your requirements.

From e-books to animations and to the creation of custom online courses, our offerings present endless possibilities. Whether you’re ready to go all in, or prefer to take a scalable approach to technology, we’ll help you to pair the right digital solution to your course.

Custom Digital

Custom Online Courses Built For You

To learn more about our custom online course capabilities, read more about our products and tools below.

H-M e-Books

Hayden-McNeil’s e-book offerings run the gamut from completely interactive, dynamic e-books to a PDF-based option. Our e-book solutions also include mobile options. We’ll work with you to develop and/or recommend the e-book type best suited to both your instructional and student-learner needs.


H-M e-Book Partners

Hayden-McNeil works with leading e-book partners, including CourseSmart, Nook Study, KnO, CafeScribe, and Chegg to make your text easily available to students. Visit any of these partner sites to learn more.


H-M e-Books to Go

ebooks-to-go-bannerDownload a book to go! With H-M e-Books to Go, students can purchase and download a portable PDF e-book for their computer, tablet, or mobile device. An e-Book to Go retains the high quality of a printed text and includes features such as highlighting, note taking, and bookmarking.


H-M e-Learning Tools

Beyond custom online courses and e-books, we develop highly customized e-learning tools to suit your specific instructional goals and course needs. These e-learning tools can be created as stand-alone products or integrated into a custom online course, e-book, etc. Below is a sampling of the types of e-learning tools we can create for you:

  • Videos

  • Animations

  • Assessments

  • Learning objects

  • Custom websites

Our searchable online Content Collection also contains a variety of ready-made e-learning tools for use in your custom online course or e-book.


H-M Interactive e-Books

With a Hayden-McNeil interactive e-book, instructors can incorporate rich content and interactive capabilities to enhance learning. Our interactive e-books include a variety of personalization and customization features for students and instructors. It’s easy to rearrange chapters and add new pages, sections, and/or links. Interactive e-books include a search engine, intuitive navigation tools, note-taking capabilities, and the ability to seamlessly incorporate interactive exercises and assessments within the text. In addition, an interactive e-book is compatible with mobile devices.


H-M LaunchPad

lp 2colorLaunchPad is our custom online course platform that enables us to deliver the most comprehensive and customized course-level digital solutions. LaunchPad provides the means to “launch” your course content and the instructional tools you deem most important to your pedagogy and students’ learning. Once you determine exactly what your students need, we’ll develop a custom online course built according to your specifications. All of the typical LMS (Learning Management System) features are available, including gradebook, assignments, communication tools, calendars, and the ability to seamlessly integrate e-books. We can build custom online courses in LaunchPad for any course.


H-M LaunchPad Lab

All the same innovative and customizable features offered in LaunchPad apply to our LaunchPad Lab offering, with the added benefit of our 20+ years of experience in serving some of the largest laboratory courses in the country. Our background and expertise in working with laboratory instructors makes us uniquely suited to provide you with all the e-learning tools and digital resources required to address your students in the lab. This includes optimizing in-lab time (flipping the lab), pre-lab preparation, post-lab assessment, creating TA consistency, etc. Additionally, our acumen in scientific illustration and our Content Collection of thousands of scientific renderings, photos, e-learning tools, and labs are made available to help support your instructional goals.


Resources and Support

As part of Macmillan New Ventures, we are backed by a tremendous investment in innovative technology. Additionally, we can work with our learning partners Late Nite Labs, creators of science lab simulations for online and blended learning; Sapling Learning, provider of interactive and homework instruction solutions; and DynamicBooks, the platform provider for our interactive e-books.