Integrated Human Physiology, 2E

by Wilfredo López-Ojeda

ISBN: 978-0-7380-7423-8
Net Price: $59.00
Copyright 2015

Integrated Human Physiology is a laboratory book and manual that focuses on the four basic human tissues: epithelia, connectives, nervous, and muscles. By taking a unique tissues-based approach to the study of physiology, this text departs from the traditional, systems-based approach to learning and emphasizes cell functionality, cohesiveness, and integration.

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Lopez-Ojeda 7423-8

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Physiological topics and concepts are organized into five units—Balance Systems and Dynamic Constancy, Muscle Tissue Physiology, Nervous Tissue Physiology, Connective Tissues Physiology, and Epithelial Tissues Physiology—each of which includes chapters with explanatory text, interactive laboratories, diverse learning activities and  compelling review questions with concise explanations. The new edition also includes improved full color layout and eye-catching photography of the human body’s functionality, among others.



  • Revised content, additional activities, and laboratory exercises
  • Includes new and appealing layout with full-colored bleeds and new pictures
  • Organized to orchestrate the four human basic tissues into physiology
  • New and improved organization orchestrating the four human basic tissues into physiology
  • Features measurable learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter and laboratory exercise
  • Thought-provoking clinical correlations and functional applications
  • Assessment of core concepts within each chapter by pertinent review questions presented at the end of the chapters
  • Facilitates visual learning with unique photographic art, illustrations, tables, and colorful charts
  • Includes perforated pages for students to detach and turn their original lab reports
  • More physiological concepts, clinical applications, and practice questions.


Table of Contents

Unit 1: Balance Systems and Dynamic Constancy
Chapter 1: Homeostasis and Fundamental Cell Physiology
Chapter 2: Enzymes and Metabolism

Unit 2: Muscle Tissue Physiology
Chapter 3: Skeletal Muscle Physiology
Chapter 4: Cardiac Muscle and Blood Vessels Physiology

Unit 3: Nervous Tissue Physiology
Chapter 5: Sensory Physiology of the Skin
Chapter 6: Endocrine Tissues Physiology

Unit 4: Connective Tissues Physiology
Chapter 7: Blood Histopathophysiology

Unit 5: Epithelial Tissues Physiology
Chapter 8: Physiology of the Respiratory Epithelium
Chapter 9: Urothelium and Renal Physiology
Chapter 10: Reproductive Physiology of the Gonadal Glandular Epithelium

Appendix A: Answers to Review Questions
Appendix B: Metric System Conversion Factors
Appendix C: Normal Blood Ranges
Appendix D: Normal Systemic Ranges and Values
Appendix E: List of Specific Laboratory Supplies and Reagants with Suggested Vendors