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 Interactive Genetics CD-ROM

BY Lianna Johnson and John Merriam, University of California - Los Angeles

ISBN: 0-7380-1546-6
Net Price: $16.00

This CD-ROM contains tutorials, interactive problems and self-tests. For some topics a tutorial introduces the subject with animations and illustrations of basic genetic concepts required to solve the problems. Additional concepts are introduced through interactive problems, which take the student in a step-wise manner through a complex problem. Recognizing the errors students most frequently make and where they have conceptual difficulties, the authors have provided tailored feedback to predictable classes of wrong answers.
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Johnson 1546-6 

| Contents |



  • Animations and videos to explain molecular processes and experiments.

Interactive problems

  • Step-by-step problem solving
  • Specific feedback to predictable wrong answers
  • Major concepts introduced through problems


(CD-based FlyLab; Web-based Bacterial Genetics)

  • Allow students to design experiments
  • Student-generated data is owned by student
  • Immediate results allows focus to be on data interpretation

Self Tests

  • Quizzes contain a large number of short answer problems

Accompanying Student Manual and Instructor's Guides are also available.