Interactive Lecture Guide for Finance

By Sally Guyton

ISBN: 978-0-7380-8117-5
Net Price: $25.50

Copyright 2015

Interactive Lecture Guide for Finance is a thorough and organized supplemental lecture guide for instructors and students. Instead of having students play a passive role in their learning, this book will encourage them to become part of the learning process, making finance more engaging and understandable.

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Instructors are provided with organized lectures that present the information in a thorough manner, promoting a deeper understanding of the material for their students. Students will be able to use Interactive Lecture Guide for Finance as a reference point. Instead of focusing on capturing every minute detail in their notes, students can focus more on the lesson and the instructor while taking notes at a reasonable pace.



•    Complete lectures for professors
•    Designed to be used as transparencies
•    Practice problems in every chapter
•    Basic lecture outline for students


Table of Contents

Why Use the Interactive Lecture Guide?
Chapter 1: Introduction to Financial Management
Chapter 2: Financial Markets and Institutions
Chapter 3: Financial Statements, Cash Flow, and Taxes
Chapter 4: Analysis of Financial Statements
Chapter 5: Time Value of Money
Chapter 6: Interest Rates
Chapter 7: Bonds and Their Valuation
Chapter 8: Risk and Rates of Return
Chapter 9: Stocks and Their Valuation
Chapter 10: The Cost of Capital
Chapter 11: The Basics of Capital Budgeting
Chapter 12: Cash Flow Estimation and Risk Analysis
Chapter 13: Capital Structure and Leverage
Chapter 14: Dividends and Share Repurchases
Chapter 15: Working Capital Management
Chapter 16: Financial Planning and Forecasting
Chapter 17: Multinational Financial Management


About the Author

Sally Guyton has been teaching managerial finance for twenty-eight years.  She coordinates the managerial finance course required of all business majors at Texas A&M University, advises the student chapter of the Financial Management Association, and serves as Assistant Director of the Commercial Banking Program.  In order to better serve her students, she created the Interactive Lecture Guide for Finance (to accompany Fundamentals of Financial Management, 8th Concise Edition).  This guide is used during lecture to enhance the students' learning experience by involving the students.  Practice problems are incorporated throughout the guide.  When multiple professors are teaching the course, this guide makes sure that the classes are comparable.