Pathways To Compliance:
 A Systems Approach to the U.S. Aviation Regulatory System

by Anthony J. Adamski, Ph.D.

ISBN: 978-0-7380-4590-0
Net Price: $48.00

Just as an attorney needs to understand the legal system, an aviation professional needs to understand the aviation regulatory system.

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Pathways is designed for the aviation student and the working professional to provide an in-depth examination of the FAA regulatory system – taking a proactive stance in compliance to achieve the highest degree of safety as stipulated by U.S. Code.



  • Overviews and in-depth coverage of the four pathways to compliance that frame the U.S. aviation regulatory system (rulemaking, certification, oversight and enforcement)
  • Thorough exploration of the complex relationships between safety and compliance
  • Examination of the role the systems approach plays in upgrading the U.S. aviation regulatory system
  • Understanding of systems theory and its role in the regulatory process
  • Arms students and professionals with the ability to apply the principles of systems thinking into their studies and operation



  • 372 pages
  • 7x10; Perfect-bound
  • Webliography
  • Index


Table of Contents

1. Science of Cultural Anthropology
2. Field Research
3. Responsibilities of the Field Researcher
4. Race and Ethnicity
5. Language
6. Family
7. Kinship
8. Economic Anthropology
9. Political Organization
10. Religion
11. Applied and Medical Anthropology
12. Globalization


About the Author

 Pathwadamski-photoay’s author, Anthony (Tony) Adamski, is Program Coordinator for the Eastern Michigan University Aviation Technology Program. Tony began his aviation career in 1963, when he entered USAF pilot training at Vance AFB, Oklahoma. He became a KC-135 Aircraft Commander and flew numerous missions worldwide until 1969, when Tony left the air force and joined Chrysler Corporation as a corporate pilot. During his time with Chrysler he flew a number of aircraft, including Lear jets, Citations, Falcons, and Gulfstreams. Tony was a founding officer of Pentastar Aviation, a subsidiary of Chrysler Corporation, and was responsible for FAR Part 135 compliance and training. In 1987, he joined HBAcorp and helped develop and deliver numerous aviation training programs, and also conducted numerous safety audits and flight program evaluations. Tony joined Eastern Michigan University as an assistant professor in 1996 and earned his Ph.D. in Instructional Technology from Wayne State University in 1998. Since then, he has co-authored five editions of the text Introduction to the Aviation Regulatory Process, co-authored a number of chapters for handbooks on aviation human factors and cognitive design, and served as a safety system consultant to air carrier consultant teams in the FAR Part 121 certification process. Tony continues teaching at Eastern Michigan University.