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 Cultures of the United States

by Lauren Arenson and Jennifer Miller-Thayer

ISBN: 978-0-7380-2701-2
Net Price: $57.76

This text investigates a number of diverse practices exhibited by individuals living throughout the United States

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Variation in behavioral patterns is addressed, including such aspects as wealth, politics, ethnicity, language, gender, music, sexual preferences, religion and race. While there is certainly great diversity with respect to personal and individual life styles, articles in this text also address issues related to uniformity and conformity with regard to American public life.



  • Prepares premed and preprofessional students for learning anatomy as it is taught in many professional schools
  • Professionally developed scientific illustrations and photographs
  • Utilizes color patterns within images to accent and define specific regional areas and functions
  • Includes learning objectives, clinical points, and self-study exercise questions
  • Comprehensive index
  • 674 pages, loose-leaf edition, full color throughout


Table of Contents

1. Science of Cultural Anthropology
2. Field Research
3. Responsibilities of the Field Researcher
4. Race and Ethnicity
5. Language
6. Family
7. Kinship
8. Economic Anthropology
9. Political Organization
10. Religion
11. Applied and Medical Anthropology
12. Globalization