The Media Room

Hayden-McNeil is pleased to provide information on our company and products to media professionals. We invite you to browse our site for all the latest news and press releases. For a basic overview, review our facts below.  


  • Hayden-McNeil was founded in 1992
  • In January 2008 Hayden-McNeil was acquired by Macmillan and is under the Macmillan New Ventures division
  • As of January 2015, Hayden-McNeil employs over 60 people
  • We publish and produce custom textbooks, digital products and carbonless lab notebooks
  • Our products are used in colleges, universities and high schools across the United States
  • We are headquartered in Plymouth, MI, with our offices and warehouses located within miles of each other
  • Our products ship directly from our warehouse to the bookstores